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The Pocahontas Prince

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4/20/12 03:44 pm - Friends Only

Friends - Only
Comment to be added

Salut, my name is Starbat and I want to fly away to Neverland.

This journal is used to notify people of updates on my various websites. It is also used for fandom discussions.

If either of those interest you, feel free to add.

I like:
white stockings, deer spots, Peter Pan, stickers, pretty things, braids, living without time, friendly monsters, sea shells, bottled things, kittens, hot air balloons, castles, werewolves, blood, vampires, glitter, Halloween Town, charms, stripes, pirates and their ships, starry skies, nebula babies, Earth-beings, tea pots and tea cups and tea spoons too, faeries, Sweden, anime, big eyes, long eyelashes, long names

My Fandoms


9/17/11 10:29 pm - my fandoms


3/26/10 11:01 pm - UPDATE * March 26 *

Hello little ones! Green ones, blue ones, the ones that sparkle, and all the other ones.

I have an update from Prince-ville. Hehe, Prince-ville.... anyway.

My Flickr has been updated!

AND! The grand opening of

Tales From the Stellar Tree House

if you enjoy my writing, this is the place to go. I hope you will burrow deep into your quilts with juice - or tea whatever rocks your pirate ship - and enjoy.

Please click tumble over here

12/9/09 03:17 pm - Writer's Block: Go it alone

Do you think society puts too much pressure on people to be in relationships and/or have children? Do you think this ostracizes people who would be perfectly content to remain single and/or child-free? Is this pressure worse around the holidays?

Yes. Actually I was just talking about this ! Nowadays it is expected of you to get married [usually to the opposite sex] and have children. At least thats how it is in America.

It is expected of you to be straight and marry someone and have babies but that is not the life everyone wants. Not everyone believes in marriage and not everyone wants kids but the media ignores these types of people and focuses on what is expected of you.

11/5/09 01:13 pm

Today I am wearing black to celebrate November 5th. Its a tradition I started today ^^


I would have called you  by your first name but I don't want to assume you're comfortable with that so? What should I call you? 

I replied to the comments you left on my other entry, but i'm not sure if you've seen them yet
I don't get comments to my e-mail anymore so its hard for me to tell when someone has replied. Maybe yours is the same way.

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